Problems That Require AC and Heater Repair

It is always frustrating, but AC and heater repair is not something that should be feared. It, however, is not something that should be left to the inexperienced. Before hiring a professional, there are some things to be aware of before paying an exorbitant amount of money. AC Repairs




While it seems like the only things that can go wrong happen to the air conditioner or furnace, the thermostat can be the source of your problems. These controls regulate how cool or warm your home is during the day and night.

Old-fashioned thermostats operate with a bimetallic strip. As the coil expands or contracts, the thermostat turns on or off the system. Some use mercury switches with the bimetallic strip to help control the temperature in the room. Over time, however, these switches can wear out which will make it seem as though the air conditioner or furnace is not working.

Electronic thermostats use digital sensors to monitor the room. Over time, these sensors can become dirty, or other pieces wear out over time. Again, they can make it seem as though the unit itself is not working. AC Repair Services




The ductwork is what moves the air from the air condition and furnace units into the various rooms of the house. There are several ways that this can cause problems and require you to contact an AC and heater repair technician. The lines can become cracked and leak which causes mold and can create problems for the homeowner's ceilings or walls.


Heat Pumps


Heat pumps frequently go out causing problems for homeowners. If the pump is cycling on and off too often or does not cool the house, then a technician should be contacted. Sometimes they simply need to be reset when the temperature goes from cold to warm, which can be done by turning off the breaker and turning it back on. However, proper servicing of the unit should be performed annually to ensure it is working properly. AC Maintenance Services


Air Conditioners and Furnaces


Furnaces and air conditioners need to be serviced on a regular basis. If your home is cooled with an AC and not a heat pump, problems can come from the compressor. This is the mechanism that cools the air before it goes into the house. If this piece goes out it means that the air conditioner will not blow cool air and can be costly to fix.

Likewise, furnaces work to heat the house. If it stops heating, the heat exchanger may be cracked which could cause other issues if it is heated by using natural gas. If that is the case, a new unit may be the easiest way to repair it.

No matter what the problem, an AC and heater repair technician can ensure that the air conditioning system is working properly. AC Maintenance Company